'Sinim' [Australia] is one of the Places from Which the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel WILL RETURN ~ Davidy; The Tribes, p.410


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'There sure is a lot of information here. The Site Map is Great - it makes it so easy to explore this Website! Great choice of colors too' [T.L.G.: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - 29.08.2007].

'Your evidence that the name "Helon" - a Clan of the Tribe of Zebulon - can be found in historical works and maps to show where the Tribe of Zebulon was located at certain historical times is both interesting and plausible' [Steven M. Collins: United States of America - 28.08.2007].

'I agree that your ancestors appear to be Eastern European Jews, or in fact Hebrews going back 2-3000 years' [Bennett Greenspan, President, Family Tree DNA: Houston, Texas, United States of America - 06.08.2007].

'Excellent layout and structure. Love the colour contrasts. Easy to navigate and get around, but most of all - easy on the eyes. Look forward to seeing how this Website progresses' [J.P.: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia - 09.04.2007].

'Thanks so much for your Website! I have been living with a curse for years. I read the Prayers and God revealed to me the curses on my life. I am praying every day for release from these and I ask for your prayers also. I am supposed to tell you [revealed to me] that this Website is well worth it and it will help thousands! Good Job! Well Done!' [J. Vaughn: United States of America - 17.07.2006].

'Thankyou and congratulations on your Website! We knew that our name was mentioned in the Bible, but that was all. In Belgium the name is a rarity. We are very proud of it!' [Annemie Helon: Linden, Belgium - 19.05.2006].

'I have said all of the Prayers aloud. Thankyou so much for supplying people like me with a Website like this, and for giving me hope. "If you are having bad luck in your life and are a decent person who cannot understand HOW COME you are suffering misfortune, and you WANT to find the ANSWER you need as to WHY, and HOW to CHANGE your situation, then this Website is for You! This Website is a GIFT FROM GOD with the ANSWERS of WHY and HOW to change things, and WHAT you need to do to reverse your misfortune. It is not just about saying the Prayers every night; you must be committed and believe in them." I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you having this Website available to people in my situation!' [Thomas G.: Williston, South Carolina, United States of America - 17.06.2005].

'I have just read aloud through your Proclamations for Repentance and Cleansing and I just want to thankyou for making such help available on the Internet. God Bless You for being there for me' [Debbie K: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 24.11.2004].

'Wonderful Website! I've had trouble navigating a few other family history sites, mainly due to links that don't work properly, but your Website is truly easy to navigate and to understand! Bravo!' [Amelia Rice-Bauer: New York, United States of America - 12.09.2004].

'I found your Website to be very informative. Thankyou for the work you have done!' [Cynthia Bockelman: Washington State, United States of America - 13.07.2003].

'Congratulations! Your Website is fantastic. I was looking for information about my name for a long time. I didn't realize the name Helon was so old. Now I know very much about this. Thank you! P.S. Did you know that Helon is a kind of Persian Cat too?' [Helon Vieira Florindo: Brazil - 09.01.2003].

'I am really impressed about your Internet Site. Just incredible and a lot of work for sure' [Albert: Olawa, Poland - 07.10.2002].

'Hi! You have an interesting Website. I came across it by searching for "Radechov"in the Ukraine' [Fran: Regina, Canada - 22.09.2002].

'Congratulations on your Website!' [Maggie: United States of America - 13.07.2002].

'Whilst browsing the WWW I found your Website. Although not related, I thought that it gives an interesting account and informative facts about the name Helon and its historical and ancient origins. The classification of the site into different sections helps in choosing the topics' [Jeremy: United States of America - 03.07.2002].


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