'Sinim' [Australia] is one of the Places from Which the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel WILL RETURN ~ Davidy; The Tribes, p.410

Helonian Scripture:
How to Reveal and Break Curses

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Are you, your family, or those around you experiencing bad luck and misfortune? Then you maybe experiencing the effects of an ancestral or other Curse.

Persistent financial troubles; recurrent misfortunate events; being accident-prone; continued ill-health and chronic sickness; unrelenting mental stress and/or emotional breakdowns, or a family history of suicides, premature, or unnatural deaths.

Curses can be inherited from God, the result of a forefather's dedication to Satan, generational, the result of possessing unholy things such as stolen property, the acceptance and receiving of gifts and goods given with hexatious and malicious intent, or unknowlingly living in an once calamitous environment dedicated to Satan such as a house where acts of domestic violence or heinous crimes were committed.

Yes it is true - Curses can be inherited from one's forefathers [ancestral]; but they can be broken too - even Curses from God [biblical]!

Each and every person has the power to reveal Curses in their lives that affect them - all it takes is prayer, faith, dedication, and a reassessment of one's way-of-life and priorities therein.

When you can reveal the cause of something, then you know what you are dealing with; you will have the power to change things for the better as many have already done.

If you feel your life is out-of-control and being influenced, affected and guided by mysterious and unearthly forces, then you should recite aloud the following Promulgations.

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